Sunday, February 7, 2010

Surprise Post

I have had my 7 year old Granddaughter with me all weekend and when she wanted to make a card for her Daddy's birthday which is today of course I oblidged.  I told her she could pick any image she wanted. I sat her in front of my computer and she studied and studied until she picked! Gumble by Alison at Stretch N Bubbles.  I printed it out for her and gave her my old markers and away she went. I told her this was her creation and I would help with the cutting but she would be the decision maker. After she colored I gave her paper and told her she had to pick what she wanted to use. It was like picking candy for her. She then saw me embossing and wanted to do that too. So she had to decide which one of those she was to use.  After all of those things I told her it was also her decision what she wanter her little guy to say. She came up with the sentiment all by herself! What wonderful handwriting she also has for a 7 year old.  After all of that of course she told me where to put everything and had to have a bow so to the ribbons she went.  All and all I think she did a stunning job!!! And with out further ado, here is Emily's lovely KREATION!!

So what do you all think about her little MONSTER?


  1. Well this is just a fantastic job on this card. WTG Emily!

    Lots of love

    Judy aka M&M Designz

  2. OMG you have done a GREAT job on this card and I know that your daddy will love his birthday card....

    Harriet (Grandmother's friend)

  3. Hiya Kym. What a clever Granddaughter you have. Her card is amazing and I am sure her daddy will adore it. How special and all her own work too. Tell her I think she is brilliant and her card is fabulous.
    Happy Crafting.
    Love sandra xx

  4. Way to go Emily! What a great card you have made!

  5. So beautiful,she obviously takes after her grandmother for her talent Kym,it's all in the

  6. SO cute! How fun that she did it all by herself and you got to spend some great time together! I'm sure her dad will love it.

  7. I see you have another talented crafting lady in the family!! This is super.

    HUgs Ali x

  8. Look out Kym hun, you have a very talented young lady on your heels. Must run in the family eh? I am sure Daddy loved his fabulous personalised Birthday Card Emmy - well done sweetie.
    Dawn xx

  9. Oh my heavens.. this is so stinkin cute.. :) I love the cute Happy Birthday Monster.. and I am honored she picked my stamp.. :) thank you for sharing this with me.. :) HUGS


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