Saturday, July 3, 2010

Christmas In July.......

Can you believe how ravishing these beauties are and what magnificent Christmas Cards can be made from them???   When I saw them I went banana's!!! 

NEW! ching chou kuiks sheet #21, plate #60
on sale now through July 7th
will NOT begin shipping until July 14th
Jump start your holiday cards!
Available at Sweet Pea Stamps!
"Life's Beauty Inspires Me To Kreate"


  1. HIYA KYM!!!!!! Sorry i haven't been too your corner i so been slacking off.Little by little i'm working my way around my cyber buddies. How you been? I see you have a new pix, very cool.I think we have the same color hair lol!! I just did mines maybe three or four days ago so it's very bright bahaaaa. I thought this was a card that you had up and i was breathless it ends up is the new sweet peas!(YOU DO TEND TO HAVE VIVID BEAUTIFUL CARDS) Goodness these are mouth drolling aren't they! ok chica i'll be coming to visit you more often.(I'LL TRY:)) ANY WHO Have a wonderful 4th and safe,RubyM:)

  2. what detailed images, beautiful pieces of art...have a fantastic day!

    enjoy *~*


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