Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let's Read...

Today I wanted to share with you some goodies I made for my older Grandkids!!!  I think one of the most important things is the love of reading and I have always bought and have book readily available for my babies when they come over.  This fall I decided for the ones that are at least old enough to understand what it would be used for I would make special book marks.  Here is just a sampling of the one's I have made.

Now I know that some of you have wondered how my first days on my new job are going!!!!!  I just do not know how some of you do all you do.  First off the place and the people I am working with are magnificent!!!  They have welcomed me with open arms.  There are even a couple that are interested in card making. My problem is by the time I get home, get dinner done, clean up the kitchen I am whipped.  All I want to do is crawl into bed!!!  I am hoping this will all change once I get into a routine and I have learned my job a bit more.  Maybe I am just concentrating soooooooooooooo hard that I tire myself out!!!  You know how it is when you are getting older.  LOL!!!!!

 For my older granddaughters I used one of Samantha Rawlings Little Sweethearts called "The Butterfly Fairy". She can be purchased as a single stamp or with 3 other adorable sweeties at Sweet Pea Stamps.
The boys got a book mark with this cute as pie dragon from Lisa Victoria's Fantasy Collection called "First Day of School" available as a single stamp or with 3 others, one I will show you next from Sweet Pea Stamps.

And last but not least the little girls got this bouncing ballerina also from Lisa Victoria's Fantasy Collection called "Dragon Ballerina" also available as a single stamp or on a sheet with 3 other wonderful stamps at Sweet Pea Stamps.

Well I better get ready for work.  Thanks for letting me share with you today.  Don't forget to check out our challenge blog            - "In A Sweet Pea Dream" and try your hand at the current challenge!

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  1. Hello Kym
    I am so glad work is going well for you, I am sure you will get over the tiredness,just do what your body tells you.

    Your bookmarks are fabulous,and you have given me the idea of some little stocking fillers for christmas.Take care my

  2. Hiya Kym. Ahh bless you. I hope things get much easier for you. These are wonderful and havnt your Granchildren got a super-talented Grandma. Happy crafting.
    With love, Sandra xx

  3. these are adorable and I agree reading is the most important !!!! They will love them I know....

    LD Hugs

  4. You are not old enough to have grandkids!? thats amazing!

    I LOVE these bookmarks, my favourite stamps to!

    Good Luck with the new job, sounds awesome!

  5. very cute and very great coloring Kym...lovely creation....miss u...

  6. Hi Kym, Love the bookmarks! Now you know the reason why I don't visit your blog as often as I would like to...when I get home from work, I crash! Do most of my work in the early a.m.

  7. Cute bookmarks Kym!! Your grandchildren will love them. I hope you are enjoying your new job!! I'm so glad you found one!! Take care!!


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