Wednesday, January 19, 2011


One of my dearest friends on this crazy network has given me this amazing award.

I want to first of all thank Sandra for the award.
Next I am to tell three things that make me different.  Well we are all different so I will just tell three things about myself!

1.  I hate cold weather!!!  (Funny I live in the north.)
2.  I sleep with a pillow I call squishy.  Goes with me wherever I go.
3.  I am a shoeaholic -  I have about 300 pairs.

Now I need to send this to 5 others.
1.) Alison at Free Digital Stamps
2. Paulette at Create With TLC
3.  Ginger from Gingers House
4. Karina from Creawitch
5. AnnMaree from Emu Creations

Thanks again my lovely Sandra!!!

"Life's Beauty Inspires Me To Kreate"


  1. Hiya Kym. You are very welcome. You are such a wonderful and very inspirational friend.
    Love Sandra xx

  2. I thought I had a lot of shoes, but you have me beat! The joke around here is if we move, we will have to have a separate UHaul just for the shoes.

  3. Thanks Kym!!!

    oh my shoes huh? imagine how much craft stuff you could get in replacement of the shoes and storage for it too! LOL

    Yeah I have the craft-addiction!


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