Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Shawn!!!

Do you ever have one of those days when someon you know asks you at the very last minute to make a card for them????  Well my daughter is good for that.  She is living with the Father of her 6 month baby and it is his birthday.  Last night she calls me and says with her little girl voice MOM please will you make not one but two cards for me?  See she has two kids from her previous marriage and they also live with them.  Their Father and I use that term very lightly lives in Louisianna. Anyway I digress, Shawn is great with the kids and she wanted a special card for him but not one that said Father or Daddy.  I came up with this one!

I called it Super Shawn and once you read the verse I put inside you will understand why.  Her is a close up of Super Shawn.
I wanted the card to thank him for all the things he does to make their life special, so thank goodness for a computer and a printer you can make any sentiment you want and here is what his card says.

I am thinking he will be touched when he reads it!

Now I did say that she asked for two cards! The other one is from his 6 month old son. I used a image that I had on hand from Mo's cuz it had Bronte on it and they have the same dog!

In the inside of this one I simply put - I love you sooo much I will even share my cookie with you! I am not certain he will go for that since the dog is doing that too.

Even though she asked me at the last minute to make these for her and would have preferred a bit more notice.  It was well worth my time to make them for a young man who has given my Grand children so much love and care, even those that are not his children.

So from the bottom of my heart!!! Happy Birthday Shawn!!!!!!



  1. Kym,

    These are totally the bomb!! I have to agree anyone would be touched with your hero definition, and I love the litle doggie card. Very very well done!

  2. Hi Kym, I am very touched by both of your cards. The sentiments are wonderful and I am sure that Shawn will appreciate them both.
    You are a special lady to accept Shawn and to 'really see' all that he does for your grandchildren!!
    Your colouring is fantastic - both are cards to be very proud of!
    Merry Christmas! Candy


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