Saturday, August 28, 2010

I am Flabbergasted......

I have been blessed to have met some very wonderful people on this crazy medium! Two of which I consider now dear friends. Doreen and Sandra. These dear ladies have bestowed upon little old me these two fantastic awards!

Now I want to thank each of them for thinking of me, Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

Now they come with rules and here they are:

Thank the person who sent it to you!   Done

Tell 3 things you love about yourself!
I love my hair - most of the time
I love my eyes - windows to my soul
I love my willingness to help others - just ask and I am there!

Share a picture that you love

Alexa's first day of school 4K !!! Brother Kyle not so thrilled!

Share it with 5 others! I wish I could share it with everyone but......

Angela of In My Quiet Time
Connie of SodakStamping
Pascale of My Crafty Haven
Georgia of Mimi's Place

Have a fantastic and KREATIVE day!


  1. Oh wow Kym I am so so grateful to receive this award from you. I admire you work so much and you are such a great person to work with. I am very touched hugs Pascale

  2. You deserve these awards very much Kym,your work is fantastic,i have been mesmerized by your colouring on the sweet pea blog on many occasions. xx


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