Saturday, January 2, 2010

Road Trip For The New Year!

 As I post today I am sitting in a hotel in Marinette, WI which is on the border of the UP or Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Wisconsin.  My hubby and I decided yesterday afternoon to hop in the truck and take a road trip. It is beautiful this time of year up here (cold as heck) -9 when we woke today but awfully pretty!!!! I wanted a new picture for the new year for my blog so camera in hand I had Michael taking pictures of me to get a few that I could pick from.  Here are a couple that I didn't use but I liked and showed the beauty up here.
This one was taken by Lake Michigan in front of a light house that was out on the lake in Escanaba, MI.  The wind was terrible.  So much for any hair do!!!!

As we were driving from Escanaba to Marrinette we saw this abandoned old log shack on the side of the road so we stopped and hiked down to it and took some pictures.  I think they were the coolest.  Some time the oddest things turn out to be the best. Anyway I wanted to share with you all since next vacation we take will be Hilton Head Island and there will definitely be no snow and the temperature had better be a great deal warmer!!!!



  1. It is beautiful there and I sure hope you have had a great trip. I love the new picture.

    Miss you


  2. wow it does look like a beautiful area!!! Great pictures!

  3. makes me miss home... I am from Grand Rapids MI, now in virginia... awesome pics...

  4. Oh wow it really is beautiful there........I'm jealous the new pic and glad youa re having fun!


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