Monday, March 29, 2010

I Am So Very Blessed To Know Sandra......

I have met so very many people on this wonderful medium but what started out as a simple question on her blog has become a treasured friendship.  I have been blessed to have Sandra or many of you know her as RosePetal as my friend.  Now chances are we will never meet since she lives on the OTHER side of the pond but friends we are never the less.

Never a post do I make that I do not see a comment on my Kreation from my dear friend and as do I see her comments on many other peoples blogs around the net.  I do not see how she manages to get any creating of her own done but that she does and lovely at that.  Anyway I received from my dear friend a present yesterday.  Not the first one I have recieved since she actually has sent me one before in the mail but this one is for my blog.  I am so very touched that she chose to give this to me.  So with a very touched heart I want to say thank you my dear friend!!!

Now I believe with this award I am to tell you 10 things about myself!
1) I met my husband on AOL
2) I enjoy watching Formula One Racing
3) I Can NOT cook
4) I LOVE to dance
5) I used to be a runway model in the Midwest, USA
6) I love ZUMBA
7) I have identical twin daughters
8) I read TMZ everyday
9) I enjoy gardening
10) I love to hike

OK now you know a few more things about me.  Things that have nothing to do with making cards.  I now have to pass this on to people that inspire me.  Oh my gosh their are so many deserving people but here goes:

A couple of these people may not even know me but their work is such an inspiration to me that I want them to get this award! I promise I will comment on your work as often as I look at it!


  1. Thank you so very, very much ... I am honored for this award but more honored that you call me friend....

    You are the inspiring one !!!!!


  2. Thanks! This award, coming from someone who inspires me on a daily basis, means a great deal! It's nice to see sweet Harriet on the list, too.

  3. Ahh bless you Kym. I wasnt expecting that and you have made me cry. Thank you for being you, a little treaure.
    Love Sandra xx

  4. Kym, I agree with you - Sandra is a wonderful blogger, who is always encouraging and inspiring others! She's fabulous! Congrats on receiving this award from her! Ooooh...I love learning about people and so cool to know more about you, you crafty, talented, vixen! :D Runway model, how cool is that!

  5. Well done Kym, so very well deserved, you have an all inspiring blog.

  6. What a sweet friendship! I also have friends all over the world, whom I probably won't ever meet, but...they are still friends. Dh calls all of you my "invisible friends." hee hee

    Thanks, Kym. I am also in awe of the gals who comment EVERY SINGLE DAY on my cards. I just don't find the time to be so supporitve. They put me to shame! So thanks for this award! Hugs.

  7. Ah, Kym!! You are such a doll! THANK YOU!!! I am honored! And, I value every one of your wonderful comments!


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